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There’s an underground secret society of men who buy and sell boy slaves on the black market. The boys are found on the street and lured into captivity. Once enslaved, they are groomed by the society and prepared for a life of servicing the men who buy and use their bodies. There is no greater joy than seeing a young boy submit to your authority. And for the men of the secret underground society, they know that this cannot be faked or played. For those with the appetite for true ownership, they have found a market for their tastes. Young boys are taken in, groomed, and freed of their sense of autonomy to become what they deeply long to be: objects of desire. They’re appraised and put up for auction for the wealthy and powerful to bid upon, allowing them the opportunity to claim the ultimate prize: virginal bodies with submissive hearts. Once won, these young boys must do everything their masters command. Everything from simple housework to the roughest sex. They’re no longer free. They’re property.

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Master Marko and The Boy Ethan

The boy Ethan proved to be quite the commodity, yielding a hefty price at auction from bidder Master Marko. The beefy, older man... [read more]


Master Wheeler and The Boy Colton

From the darkness I was led into the light by a handsome and well-dressed man. We didn’t exchange many words, but the terms... [read more]


Master Kamp, Master St. Michael and The Boy Chase

After I had thoroughly tested one of my new boys, Chase, I knew he would yield me some incredible profit. His face, body, and... [read more]


Master Houser, Master Kamp, Master Legrand, Master St. Michael, The Boy Chase, The Boy Clayton, The Boy Cole and The Boy Serg

The buyers group rarely meets these days. So when we do, we make sure to have our best boys in stock. Today's list of boys... [read more]


Master Kamp and The Boy Clayton

The latest acquisition from Master Kamp was a rare prize, indeed. Clayton was a tall, statuesque slab of blonde meat that was... [read more]


Master Legrand and The Boy Cole

Cole has found himself being regularly passed around the Buyers’ Group for some time now. In many ways, he’s one of the ultimate... [read more]

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