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carlos gustavo

Born and bred in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Carlos Gustavo is used to danger. Tough streets, violent crime, hustling, living on the edge. And for Carlos, that’s just life before noon! Currently haunting the streets of Madrid, Spain, Carlos loves the big city life and all of the thrills that come with it.

A self-identified, shameless exhibitionist, this Latin colossus gets a thrill at the idea of being caught in naughty solo activities. Touching himself whilst on an airplane, the city bus, chilling on the street corner, or even waiting in the lobby of a barber shop—Carlos gets his rocks off knowing that at any given moment, he could be, and very likely will be, seen by some unsuspecting individual.

Carlos has got no problem groping his huge nut sack whilst onboard public transportation, strolling through the public market square, or really, anywhere else there will be sure to be a crowd of perfect strangers. Carlos has been known to cream in countless settings where even the most deviant and depraved of horny queers wouldn’t dare…!

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