mr dixon

Mr. Dixon isn’t clueless. He knows his boy, Danny, is getting older and is starting to respond to his adolescent urges. He loves Danny more than anything else. Mr. Dixon doesn’t want him to feel like he’s on his own as he explores more of his inner life, leading the hairy-chested, tattooed man to make some intimate gestures toward his little guy. He was never close to his old man and he doesn’t want the same relationship with Danny. In fact, he hopes they can be as close as possible…

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It’s not easy being a single dad. Ever since Danny came into my life, he’s been the center of my world. Every decision I make... [read more]


I’ve never been very close to my dad. Not because of any fault of his or anything. We just didn’t really have much to say... [read more]


Dr Wolf and Mr Dixon and sons Richie Wolf and Danny Dixon

Mr. Dixon never intended to open up about his relationship with his son, Danny. As a private person, he knew that it could be... [read more]


Danny was excited to have his friend, Cole, stay with him. Cole was not only fun to hang out with and made for great late night... [read more]

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