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mr charger

Mr. Charger is technically close to retirement age, but don’t let the elder statesman’s longevity fool you. This silver fox is the very definition of robust and virile—he hits the gym on the regular and takes careful stock of his diet and nutritional intake. This healthy lifestyle gives Mr. Charger just the charge he needs to keep up with his thriving business and relationships in general.

Mr. Charger also considers himself a devoted family man. Times in the past were challenging when he was trying to be a consistent role-model for his son, but building a business and keeping it afloat took up much of his energy and attention.

Now that life for Mr. Charger has stabilized and thrived, he finds his special attention devoted to his grandchildren—particularly his grandson, Jack. The doting gentleman soon realizes that their close relationship is growing and evolving into a physical one.

Mr. Charger sees his grandson’s sexuality awakening right before his eyes and makes the decision to be a guiding light however and whichever ways that he can.

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