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mason lear

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Mr. Lear and his son Maxx Lear

So, let me tell you something about my dad. You’d call him Mr. Lear. I promise to God that he’s got the biggest dick I’ve... [read more]

One quiet afternoon, I walked in on Maxx as he was working out. I didn’t so much as “randomly” walk in, but had already... [read more]

Mr Wheeler, Mr Lear and his boy Maxx

My relationship with my boy Maxx has never been deeper or more intimate. I’ve never felt more lucky in my life than I do now….... [read more]

Maxx and Mr. Lear’s relationship has gone to a whole new level. Ever since they first started exploring each other’s bodies,... [read more]

It’s really tough to watch your child going through hell. You know that the pain they’re experiencing is likely to pass soon... [read more]

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