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master angus

Master Angus is broad, beefy man who cannot hide his power and dominance. He has a thick neck, barrel chest, and a dense salt and pepper beard.

His white shirt and tie make him look like a gentleman, but everything about his body makes it clear that he’s a beast. He projects alpha brute power, making betas quake under his gaze.

He’s in the market to find a boy he can not only dominate and control, but own and use to his pleasure and to let the beast truly come out.

Latest updates for Master Angus

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Master Angus and The Boy Austin

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I felt my heart pounding with excitement. I won! I had the boy in my room… He was all mine to... [read more]


Master Angus, Master Kamp, Master Legrand, Master Oaks, Master Savage, The Buyers Group and The Boy Cole

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Master Angus, Master Ballard, Master Legrand, Master Myles, The Buyers Group, The Boy Austin, The Boy Cole, The Boy Danny and The Boy Jay

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Wherever I walk, I feel like the big man in charge. Most people have an immediate reaction to me because of my size and physique.... [read more]


Master Angus and The Boy Jay

I was surprised by just how small Jay was when I finally got him alone. His slight build, narrow waist, and lean limbs served... [read more]


Jay waited for me in his cage, patiently touching himself like a horny puppy wanting to be played with. I’d only left him alone... [read more]