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master robles

Master Robles wasn’t always a filthy rich oil tycoon from the ancient countryside of Madrid. The ferociously foxy DILF was once a poor, young ranch-hand who spent his days grinding out a living herding cattle and sheep.

When Robles thinks back on those days, he finds a wicked irony in it because now he spends his nights in a huge, luxurious penthouse- herding and lassoing Slave Boys for the illustrious Gentleman Buyer’s Club!

Master Robles has dark, piercing eyes to go with his thick, jet-black hair and beautifully groomed beard. His handsome face and spectacular body make all of the Slave Boys silently hope and pray that he will fork out the dough necessary to take them back to his sex chamber.

Robles commands silence and respect– a Boy’s screams of intense pleasure won’t last long. But this is only because the well-endowed Master will muffle those ecstatic cries with his ten-inch daddy dick! Boy, get on your knees!

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