mr lear

Mr. Lear is an incredibly sexy guy. This dark-haired, dark-bearded, beautiful-bodied guy is the very definition of an all-American DILF. He turns heads wherever he goes. Women find him alluring. Men want to be like him. His big dick is permanently hard in his jeans, just waiting for an excuse to bounce out of the fly and make someone incredibly happy!

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It’s really tough to watch your child going through hell. You know that the pain they’re experiencing is likely to pass soon... [read more]


Maxx and Mr. Lear’s relationship has gone to a whole new level. Ever since they first started exploring each other’s bodies,... [read more]


Mr Wheeler, Mr Lear and his boy Maxx

My relationship with my boy Maxx has never been deeper or more intimate. I’ve never felt more lucky in my life than I do now….... [read more]


One quiet afternoon, I walked in on Maxx as he was working out. I didn’t so much as “randomly” walk in, but had already... [read more]

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