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Johnny was always picked on by his teachers. He’s always tried really hard to get things right, but somehow always failed. Joining the Scouts was his ambition, but it took him a long time to pluck up the courage. He’s never had a girlfriend. He’s always known he was into guys, but was never confident enough to do something about it. Tall, good looking and with deep brown, kind eyes, he’s definitely a head-turner, and it surely won’t be long before his dreams come true.

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Scoutmaster Ballard and Scout Johnny

I can never seem to please Scoutmaster Ballard. Ever since I joined the Scouts, he’s been down on me. He basically finds fault... [read more]

Scoutmaster Ballard and Scout Johnny

When Scoutmaster Ballard called me into his office and told me he wanted me to become an Elite Scout, I couldn’t contain my... [read more]

Scoutmaster Ballard, Scoutmaster Cox and Scout Johnny

Scoutmaster Ballard and I have fooled about together a couple of times since I arrived at camp this summer. I’m trying not to... [read more]

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