scout logan

Scout Logan is about as innocent as a boy can get. This pint-sized, blond-haired cutie is conscientious, hard-working and always immaculately turned-out. He’s recently started questioning his sexuality. He finds himself regularly drawn to older men and, for a long time, put this down to a form of hero worship… but he’s started to wonder if there’s also an element of sexual attraction in the way he feels. He’s like catnip for older men, who take one look at him and instantly want to corrupt him!

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Scoutmaster St. Michael and Scout Logan

Scout Logan was a good boy. He was always very careful about the way he looked, he listened intently to the Scoutmasters, behaved... [read more]


Scoutmaster Mckeon, Scout Colton and Scout Logan

Colton and I have been messing around for a few months now. We’ve always been the best of friends, but things developed into... [read more]


Scout Cole and Scout Logan

Cole is by far the most popular boy in the troop. He’s also the tallest and definitely the most handsome. I just start to melt... [read more]

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