scout marcus

The moment the leaders of The Order of Elite Scouts first noticed Scout Marcus, they earmarked him as a boy to keep an eye on. Since then, he's only fulfilled his early promise. He's always been the smaller guy in his age group, but hit puberty sooner. He loves showing off, fooling around with the other scouts, especially naked. He shows off his big nuts whenever he can. Marcus He may not be the most muscular or biggest, but he's got a cocky attitude and a heavy set of balls that make him feel cocky! Now that he's at the ranch as an Elite Scout, his scout leaders look forward to guiding the boy into manhood. And though Marcus doesn't know or fully appreciate everything that will be required of him, he's eager to show the older men and other boys that he's capable of accomplishing any order they command him to obey. After all, that's what being an Elite Scout is all about at the ranch.

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Scoutmaster Dietrich and Scout Marcus

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Scoutmaster Charger, Scoutmaster Smith, Scout Marcus and Scout Troye

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Scoutmaster Smith, Scout Jack Bailey, Scout Marcus and Scout Troye

The boys got back to base camp in the middle of the afternoon. The three of them had been on an unsupervised, mini-expedition... [read more]


Scoutmaster Charger, Scout Cole and Scout Marcus

I run a tight ship. I expect a lot from my scouts. They’re not just here to have fun and fool around. Part of my job is to see... [read more]

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