scoutmaster charger

Scoutmaster Charger is very much the definition of a silver fox. This sophisticated, handsome, debonair gent is always sauvely dressed. Lurking beneath the well-turned out uniform, however, is a man with irrepressible sexual urges and a giant cock which would make any but the most experienced partner shudder!

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Scoutmaster Charger, Scoutmaster Smith, Scout Marcus and Scout Troye

Scoutmasters Smith and Charger have been eyeing each other up with intent ever since Smith joined the troop. He’d moved up-state... [read more]


Scoutmaster Charger, Scout Jack Bailey and Scout Troye

It can get quite difficult to find a few minutes of alone time when you’re in the great outdoors looking after a few dozen over-excited... [read more]


Scoutmaster Charger, Scout Cole and Scout Marcus

I run a tight ship. I expect a lot from my scouts. They’re not just here to have fun and fool around. Part of my job is to see... [read more]

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