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the boy tom

Tom used to go out every night, partying at different bars and clubs, always on the hunt for someone to take and dominate him. Sadly, even the most promising cruises and hookups would never satisfy his needs for long. Tom needs a man who can truly take him, own him, and use him like a piece of property. And as much as the thought scares him, nothing makes him feel more excited and alive!

Luckily, he finally met such a man on one of those desperate nights. And now he has a sense of purpose… And a collar.

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Before I met Tom, he was a little bit of a wild child. Out every night, different bars, new clubs; always on the hunt for someone... [read more]


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Don’t let the suit and tie fool you. Yes, I have a good education, a comfortable lifestyle, and I know quality when I see it.... [read more]


Master Legrand and The Boy Tom

Tom is exceptionally loyal. There isn’t anything I ask of him that he even hesitates to do. Even when I put him in his cage,... [read more]

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