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the boy troye

Boy Troye grew up in a wealthy family with a mother who smothered and spoiled him, over compensating for his verbally abusive, alcoholic father. Troye was never sure whether he was a pampered little prince or a piece of crap. Deep inside, though, he was a lonely boy hungry for some stability and positive male influence in his life. Not having either one, or being likely to get it at home, the older he got the more intolerable his entire claustrophobic life felt—and the more rebellious and cocky he became.

After a chance meeting with another boy who told him about The Auction House, Troye was intrigued with the idea of selling his body. It was rad, and raunchy, and more rebellious than anything he could have imagined. If he could put up with his drunk father bossing him around, being ordered around by polite dominant gentlemen should be easy.

He figured that, out of all of the ways to totally throw your whole life out the window and start over, becoming a sex servant was one of the more interesting ones. Some days, he thinks it was the best choice he ever made and, on others, he can’t believe he was that naive… but he rarely regrets it.

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