tyler tanner

This seriously cute, dark-haired twink is short but perfectly formed. A natural athlete, he’s on a mission to find himself after the emotionally complicated divorce of his parents. He’s fantasized about being with older men for some time, but when the time comes will this hot, hung boy allow his natural dominance to emerge?

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My name’s Tyler and I moved to the area a few months back when my parents got divorced. I won’t lie; it’s not been the easiest... [read more]


Coach Navarro and Tyler Tanner

Being a personal trainer means lots of young athletes come to me looking for someone who will help them attain their personal... [read more]


Coach Marko, Dr. Wolf, Cole Blue, Jack Andram, Myott Hunter and Tyler Tanner

Coach Marko takes his responsibilities seriously. He knows that winning only happens when the boys on his team are in peak physical... [read more]


Coach Marko and Tyler Tanner

Tyler has turned out to be one of the most naturally gifted sportsmen I’ve ever had the pleasure to coach. He’s fast, he’s... [read more]


Becoming a coach has been utterly blissful. These days, the only anxiety I experience happens on the eve of a big game when I’m... [read more]


Although he had been inside the boy a couple of times now, Coach Navarro was still in awe of Tyler every time they trained together.... [read more]

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