Fun Pack


Cole, Lt. Brian Adams and Austin

Lieutenant Brian Adams brought his two new recruits outside to see how their bodies could move and handle the physical demands... [read more]


Dr. Wolf, Lt. Brian Adams and Austin

Austin’s been lucky to know so many handsome, tall men. Being 5’2”, he’s usually the shortest in a room. But it seems... [read more]


Dr. Wolf, Principal Kamp, Austin and Marcus

Austin knew Marcus had been called to the principal’s office not long ago—everyone gossiped in the lunchroom—but there was... [read more]


Dr. Wolf, Austin and Oliver

Dr. Wolf was significantly impressed by young Oliver upon first meeting the boy in his office. His wide-eyed innocence and the... [read more]


Dr. Wolf, Joshua Oaks and Tom

Dr. Wolf is fortunate that he has a king size bed to fit his king size frame. Not only does it give his long body room to stretch... [read more]


Dallas Steele, Adrian Rose and Marcus

It had been a few weeks since Mr. Steele started giving regular "fittings" to his client-turned-boy-toy, Marcus. The silver-fox... [read more]