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Brotherly Love

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When Jax arrived at his older brother Dolf’s house, he didn’t know exactly what to expect. He didn’t know if he was going... [read more]


Dolf has always been a bit of a lone wolf when it came to dating and relationships. He’s had a string of lovers in his life, but has found he likes being a free agent more than being tied down. However, there are certain individuals in his life that have always had a unique affect on him.

In his younger days, he and his younger brother would have some playful experimentations, seeing what the other looked like naked and even playing with each other’s bodies. But as time marched on, they found themselves burdened with maturity and responsibility. Dolf thought this part of his life was over… that was until his brother’s son came of age.

Played by Dolf Dietrich

Jax has found a happy life as a family man and a father. Eli, his son, is a near perfect image of him when he was his age. Jax has known Eli is gay for a while and has gone out of his way to make sure he knew he was supported. Of course, support and protection quickly became possession. Jax wanted to keep Eli safe and secure, but also, all to himself.

Jax couldn’t have imagined a moment when Eli would have desires of his own… or that those desires would involve his father’s brother…

Played by Jax Thirio
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