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Family Holiday Tradition

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Young Austin loves decorating the family vacation house for the holidays. He cherishes revisiting each and every one of his Christmas... [read more]

Late in the night on Christmas Eve, Austin discovers Uncle Mitch reading next to the Christmas tree in front of a crackling fireplace.... [read more]

It’s Christmas Eve and Maxx is excited, so he can’t help but sneak downstairs—even if he is in his underwear. Grandad Felix... [read more]

Austin was so excited to hear his uncle Rick was coming to town. He always thought of him as his strong, sexy, younger uncle,... [read more]

It was during one of his encounters with Austin that Mr. Cox first came to question his son’s sexuality. The two had become... [read more]

Austin couldn’t exactly keep his mouth shut around his cousin, Oliver. The two of them don’t have a ton of secrets, what with... [read more]


Little Austin Armstrong is a tiny little twink who has just started to fully understand his sexuality, and more importantly the effect he has on others. In other words, the appeal he has for the handsome older men he lusts after. He's always loved being small and getting attention from bigger men...his dad, his dad's buddies, uncles, bigger male friends in school. Now that he is able to explore his sex and sexuality, he returns the glances of the men he catches staring at him. Ever since he turned 18 he finds himself getting all kind of looks from handsome, older men...even complete strangers who have taken a liking to him. He's turned to his dad because he's been unsure of what to do with that attention, but he's eager to start experiencing grown up fun.

Played by Austin L. Young

Mr Cox definitely fits into the category of DILF! Swarthy-skinned, great body, dark features with a handsome mustache, he regularly turns heads. He had a messy divorce a few years ago and lives with his son, Oliver, in their former family home.

After his divorce, he discovered an almost insatiable interest in fucking tight, young lads. He recently started volunteering as a baseball coach and soon realized the position came with unexpected sexual perks.

Played by Mitch Cox

Mr. Kamp is a strong broad-shouldered man with a powerful physique. Someone who knows the value of hard work. He immigrated with his family to the U.S. from Germany in his early 30s and built a life for them over years of dedicated labor. Mr. Kamp's primary joy in recent years has been spending time with and helping to provide for his young grandson Maxx. He stepped in to look after the Maxx when the boy's parents were going through a rough spot. Mr. Kamp tries not to play favorites with his grandsons, but Maxx holds a special place in the patriarchs heart. He knows the boy looks up to him and trusts him, and they have a special bond. The boy anjoys being physically close to his grandpa, and confides in him thoughts he doesn’t feel he can share with his parents. Physically the boy has grown into a strong and attractive young man, and his Mr. Kamp has caught the boy staring at him when he doesn’t think his grandad is looking. He always gives the boy one of his warm smiles and ruffles his hair to let him know it’s alright to be curious.

Played by Felix Kamp

Maxx is a handsome young man with a unusually big dick owing largely to the benefits of his German heritage. While he's sexually inexperienced, he's curious about sex, his body and the bodies of other guys. A recent and innocent encounter with another boy during an after-school math study session sparked powerful feelings, and he's not sure who he can talk to about it. He thinks about it frequently, wishing they could touch some more. This isn't the first time Maxx has found a member of the same sex attractive. He's always been felt close his very masculine grandad Felix, especially his body. For the last few months he has been staying wtih the family patriarch. With schoot out for the holiday, he's had a lot of close one on one time wtih his grandpa. The man is so tall, broad-shouldered, and powerful looking. He’s also so incredibly handsome. He has a thick German accent that makes him weak and since staying with him, Maxx has has had a few chances to see what looks like naked. And given what he saw, he wonders if maybe he got his big dick from Grandad! The thought gets him rock hard each time. All he can do about it is ride the waves of hormones and launch his nut across his bedroom in the dark.

Played by Maxx Monroe

Rick has always been a bit of a lone wolf. While the rest of the family has stayed close, he's tried to blaze his own trail and do his own thing. As an uncle, he loves his nephews, but he's never really felt the desire to hang around. He sees how they look up to him as the young, cool, handsome uncle, but he's always been more comfortable on his own.

While being independent has kept him from close family ties, he's not exactly a virgin. With his movie-star good looks, chiseled, muscular body, and thick cock, he's had plenty of fun fucking just about anyone he can! While he's spent a lot of time with the ladies, he's finding himself more and more open to the idea of sex with a man. He loves lean, small, smooth bodies that can still make him feel big, but he can't deny he loves seeing a hard cock cum. Perhaps even his own nephew's.

Played by Rick Fantana

Oliver is a handsome, pale-skinned boy with doleful eyes. His classmates describe him as a deep thinker. He became quite withdrawn when his parents divorced. He rarely sees his mom and is desperate to make his dad proud.

He finds older men very attractive. He is particularly turned on by facial hair. He recently found a chatroom where he can talk to older men who like younger guys. Sometimes he texts dirty photographs of himself to the guys he meets.

Played by Oliver James
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