Getting Closer to Daddy

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It’s not easy being a single dad. Ever since Danny came into my life, he’s been the center of my world. Every decision I make... [read more]

I’ve never been very close to my dad. Not because of any fault of his or anything. We just didn’t really have much to say... [read more]

Dr Wolf & Mr Dixon and sons Richie Wolf & Danny Dixon

Mr. Dixon never intended to open up about his relationship with his son, Danny. As a private person, he knew that it could be... [read more]

Mr Dixon and his son Danny Dixon and his friend Cole

Danny was excited to have his friend, Cole, stay with him. Cole was not only fun to hang out with and made for great late night... [read more]


Danny is a little shy around other guys. He's always been a bit small and insecure, not really feeling like he can hold his own around the other boys at school or the older men he admires. He's always felt a little unseen and confused. Even with members of his own family, he's looked up to the bigger men that came before him, noticing their impressive masculinity and confidence. He wishes so much that he could be like them.

Played by Danny Wilcoxx
Mr Dixon

Mr. Dixon isn’t clueless. He knows his boy, Danny, is getting older and is starting to respond to his adolescent urges. He loves Danny more than anything else. Mr. Dixon doesn’t want him to feel like he’s on his own as he explores more of his inner life, leading the hairy-chested, tattooed man to make some intimate gestures toward his little guy. He was never close to his old man and he doesn’t want the same relationship with Danny. In fact, he hopes they can be as close as possible…

Played by Jack Dixon

Dr. Wolf loves his boy. Spending all day in the office, seeing patients of all kinds, he's constantly reminded just how special his own young man is. He's always had the desire to be with him more intimately, but never quite knowing how to broach that subject. He sees the glances at the dinner table, coming out of the shower, and in the gym, but still not sure that he can make the first move. He's met some patients with similar inclinations, giving him a little more courage to explore his relationship. The tall, handsome, hung man can and has been able to sleep with almost anyone he wants, but the ultimate prize is own boy, Jonathan.

Played by Legrand Wolf

Richie has always been a bit of a wallflower. He’s never really felt comfortable in his own skin. When he was little, he always looked to the louder, bigger boys for signs of how to act and behave, never managing to match them in confidence. And as he got older, he grew taller and lankier, never quite knowing how to move in his body. But as a young adult, he’s become quite handsome and desirable! And even the men closest to him in his life have begun to notice. All he needs is a little coaxing to come out of his shell and discover just how special he is.

Played by Richie West

Cole has a secret that's been eating him up. Yes, he's gay. Yes, he fantasizes about men... But that's not it! Many boys his age think about getting fucked by other guys. Some look at hunky men, with their muscular and furry bodies and get wildly turned on. He likes other guys his age, but he also is wildly turned on by "daddies," especially those with big dicks. Hung handsome older men are a huge turn on for the boy. And none fascinate him sexually more than the man who raised him. The young man has been thinking about it for years, but he knows there's almost no way to bring it up or see it come true. It wasn't until Mr. Houser caught him jerking off to his dad's socks and underwear that the cat was out of the bag! He trusts and loves his handsome older daddy completely, but was still too scared to take the lead...and to say what he really wants...

Played by Cole Blue
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