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Under My Roof

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Mr Stone & his boy Logan Stone

It had been about a year since Mr. and Mrs. Stone divorced. Even though it was still a new development on paper, the two hadn’t... [read more]

Mr Stone & his boy Logan Stone

Logan’s summer with his dad had been going great! More than great actually… after he unexpectedly found a very peculiar way... [read more]

Ever since Logan and his Dad started playing around sexually, he noticed not only the obvious shift in their relationship, but... [read more]

Mr. Stone rose from his bed at dawn and woke his son Logan. With their summer holiday coming to an end, they had made plans to... [read more]


Mr. Stone is a teacher with an intense stare and a gentle touch. Hairy and thick, he’s the gray-haired, stoic picture of masculinity.

Not everyone is born with the particular combination of patience and charisma that this man has—a combination that he can only command thanks to the years of experience he has under his belt. Experience with life, and love, and the sexy gray area where those two meet. And what sort of teacher would he be—and what sort of dad—if he didn’t instruct his boy on everything beautiful that he knew?

Played by Dillon Stone

Logan is a fresh-faced boy on the precipice of becoming a man. His shoulders are starting to fill out, and he’s found himself full of energy and vigor the likes of which he’s having trouble controlling.

When the world gets too heavy, he gets pent up with all this energy he doesn’t know what to do with. What he’s certain of, though, is that he wants to get rid of it… with another man. A strong man. An older man. He’s sure he keeps looking, he’ll find such a man. And since he keeps looking at men all the time… he’s certainly right.

Played by Logan Cross
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