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Apprentice Andram

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Jack was unsure of himself as Master Kamp asked him to disrobe. He’d done so before for doctors and other professionals, but... [read more]

The Calling | APPRENTICE ANDRAM | Chapter 2 Jack Andram Matthew Figata image 1
The Calling | APPRENTICE ANDRAM | Chapter 2 Jack Andram Matthew Figata image 2
The Calling | APPRENTICE ANDRAM | Chapter 2 Jack Andram Matthew Figata image 3
The Calling | APPRENTICE ANDRAM | Chapter 2 Jack Andram Matthew Figata image 4
The Calling | APPRENTICE ANDRAM | Chapter 2 Jack Andram Matthew Figata image 2
The Calling | APPRENTICE ANDRAM | Chapter 2 Jack Andram Matthew Figata image 3
The Calling | APPRENTICE ANDRAM | Chapter 2 Jack Andram Matthew Figata image 4

Grandmaster Figata called me to his office at noon today. The nearer it got to the meeting, the more nervous I became. The Grandmaster... [read more]

Master Figata looked so hot dressed in his crisp, white suit. Ever since he took my boyhood a month or so ago, I’ve been able... [read more]

Before joining the Order, I I knew almost nothing about sex. I’d barely thought about it. Now, I go to sleep at night thinking... [read more]

When Apprentice Andram was directed into the sacred chambers—a mystical place of thin curtains and oppressive beauty—he was... [read more]


Master Kamp is a handsome man of great authority. A pillar in the community with a deep, booming voice and rugged good looks. He is known by all as a great man of character and true leader. But what most don't know about him is the power he holds in a secret, Masonic society.

Master Kamp is incredibly influential in helping guide young men to their full potential. He's very aware of their needs and their struggles, helping them traverse their own insecurities and anxieties by discovering the power of their own submission. Nothing makes him more proud than seeing a handsome, driven young man kneel and obey, putting the needs of his superiors before himself.

He's often tasked with interviewing young recruits to see if they have what it takes to be inducted into the secret society... a job he finds most rewarding.

Played by Felix Kamp
Apprentice Andram

Apprentice Andram knows very little about himself, let alone the secret, elusive rituals and practices of the Brotherhood. He longs to find a place in among the ranks of the older superiors, but must first discover himself and his own desires.

Played by Jack Andram
Master Figata

Very few men can fill out a suit quite like Master Figata. His appreciation for grooming and aesthetics is unparalleled, believing that appearance and presentation are crucial elements of any man's position. One cannot be respected or revered without looking the part. As he guides young men through their journey into the Brotherhood, he makes a point about proper dress, clean bodies, and close shaves... and he's not afraid to get in close to inspect. But even without the suit and tie, his bright, white smile and piercing eyes are enough to make any apprentice kneel in deference. When Figata's got you in his gaze, there's nowhere else you'd rather be.

Played by Matthew Figata

Master Cox is a handsome man with summer-tanned skin and a dark mustache. Despite his title and position in the Order, he doesn’t appear immediately threatening or intimidating. In fact, he has the look of a regular dad. For the inductees, he looks like someone they might have met in life. He could be a teacher, an office manager, a future boss, or even the parent of one of their friends. At any other moment, he might disappear into the background of his suburban life, another face in a sea of handsome older men. But here, in the Temple of the Masons, he is imbued with power and authority that all inductees recognize.

Played by Mitch Cox

Master Fantana is a handsome younger daddy with an open face and a beautifully sculpted body. Like many before him, his entrance to the Masons was largely connected to a blue-collar, tradesman tradition, going back generations of fraternal legacy and expectation. However, when Master Fantana discovered the Masons for himself, he found deep within its ranks a secret culture of power and authority that extended beyond the everyday affairs. He found an underground collective that prized the union between younger men and their ranked superiors above all else, even using rituals of the flesh to establish powerful hierarchies. He found he liked it, especially when it meant he could regularly unload his semen in the hungry holes of wide-eyed initiates.

Played by Rick Fantana

Grandmaster Wolf is a man who stands on principle and ceremony. He understands the value in having a set of rules and guidelines to live by. In his personal and professional life, oaths and promises mean everything. And the taking of those oaths is not to be taken lightly. In the Masons, his commitment to upholding the practices and rituals of the ancient order are second to none. He gets a thrill out of seeing the handsome young men strip and bare the bodies, of course, but he knows it’s also in service of something greater than himself.

Played by Legrand Wolf
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