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Scout Jack B

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I haven’t been a scout for very long. Being honest, it took me forever to pluck up the courage to join. My mom always tells... [read more]

My name is Mr. Smith, and I’ve been a scoutmaster for more years than I care to admit to. I recently took early retirement from... [read more]


A former member of the Elite Scouts himself, Scoutmatser Dietrich is proud and honored to continue the tradition as one of the scout leaders--the older men guiding the young charges. Having experienced the program from the other end, he knows just how to handle potentially nervous new Elite Scouts in a way that makes them feel safe and secure, while also never allowing them to forget that he's in charge, and they need to obey his orders.

Played by Dolf Dietrich

Scout Jack Bailey is not a boy that is the best at making a good first impression. Despite having a killer all-American boy smile that could charm just about anyone who saw it, the boy was too timid for his own good. He finds himself getting tongue-tied around anybody that he wants to impress, especially the older men in his troop.

It seems as though Jack’s confidence evaporates around the older men who catch his attention. It’s nervous and exciting learning about the effect his smooth skin and killer smile had on the masters of the camp. He just needs to be a little more brave when it comes to interacting with his fellow campers. Jack knows that if he is brave enough to follow through with something, like signing up for the Scouts, he usually ends up enjoying it. The boy doesn’t exactly know what was waiting for him at camp, but he finds himself wanting to fully enjoy all of the time he was spending with the masters who were giving him guidance.

Played by Jack Bailey

Scoutmaster Smith joined the ScoutTroops as a child. After several dedicated decades moving up the pecking order, he finally became a Scoutmaster. After retiring from his day job in the city, Scoutmaster Smith committed his days and nights to the troop. The venerated veteran is a golden example of what a role model should be. All of the Scout Boys of the troop have a profound respect for him—and an irresistible draw to him. Scoutmaster Smith exudes seriousness and the propensity for following the rules, but he also has a knack for fun and adventure—particularly when a horny young Scout wanders into the handsome Scoutmaster’s tent…!

Played by Patriarch Smith
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