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Scout Maxx

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It was a pretty big day for Maxx. He’d been looking forward to joining the scouts for a while. His friends had told him a lot... [read more]

I was pretty excited when Scoutmaster Knox suggested we hike out into the woods. Just the two of us. It was even more exciting... [read more]


Few things give Scoutmaster Kamp more pleasure than seeing the young men in his care thrive as he shows them the ways of The Order of the Elite Scout. Thanks to his ability to select and train the best boys, he quickly moved up the scouting leadership ranks. This meant expanded access to the boys, and more hands on with the impressionable boys entering the Varsity and Venture Scouting programs. From these boys ranks he had his pick of the finest scouts to join the other Elite Scouts. He knows better than most how much boys that age need a firm hand and sense of duty. The handsome, tall, muscular silver daddy is renowned for his ability to get even the most introverted scouts to look to him to stretch in new ways that give them a better sense of their place in the world.

Played by Felix Kamp

Maxx had been bursting with excitement to finally join the Scouts. He had read every chapter of the survival handguide and even did some history about their specific groups chapter. To say he idolized the work of the scouts was a bit of an understatement.

Scout Maxx wanted to obtain the necessary skills to take himself forward in life and he was very much looking forward to developing those skills alongside his fellow scouts in training. The boy was hoping to learn from the Masters at the camp as well, to one day have their same calm and collected demeanor. Despite wanting to appear composed and focused, Maxx struggled with some of his own inner dialogue when it came to taking risks, especially risks involving the other campers. Having been so focused on rules, Maxx worried he might have been missing out.
However, being a scout was all about taking risks and Maxx was hoping to conquer his fear of crossing the line into uncharted territory…

Played by Maxx Monroe

Some men are born leaders, and Scoutmaster Knox counts himself among them. Effortlessly charismatic and exuding charm, he's seen plenty of young Elite Scouts come to the famous scout ranch over the years. But that doesn't mean he doesn't give every single one of these boys special attention. In fact, Scoutmaster Knox thrives on finding exactly the right ways in which to connect with these boys, putting them at ease in this very special place, and making sure they understand the importance of their presence at the ranch. He does this while also introducing them to the things they'll soon be unable to imagine not part of their lives. A popular favorite among the boys, he still receives holiday cards from former Elite Scouts and their families even years later!

Played by Killian Knox
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