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Scout Oliver

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Oliver is excited to be in Scoutmaster Fantana’s office to take the Pledge of the Elite Scout. He’s been waiting for this... [read more]


Oliver is the one of the quietest boys in his troop. At a glance, one might even think he is shy. He is obedient and hard working, but he tends to keep to himself and finds solace in nature. That’s what drew him to the scouts to begin with. It was a chance to be outdoors, discovering things, building shelter, and living with respect for the land. And he likes spending time with his fellow scouts because they are all doing those things together… but he wants to do more. It’s the “more” that has Oliver tongue-tied sometimes. He’s been attracted to his scoutmasters and some of the other boys ever since he can remember, and the playful behavior he witnesses between other guys means something very different to him. Oliver hopes that pledging the Elite Scouts will be an opportunity to grow to be like the men he has admired all his life: strong, brave, and reliable. And hopefully he’ll be able to grow closer to them as well on his journey toward manhood.

Played by Oliver James

Scoutmaster Fantana has a reputation for being a no-nonsense kind of man—enlistment in the armed forces will do that—but that kind of life didn’t lead to the adventures he had imagined as a young man. He brought his expertise and attention to detail to the Order of Elite Scouts, where he found his own beginnings, along with a vision to help mold the young boys for success. He can seem somewhat regimental and detached to others, but providing the structure every young man subconsciously craves. He eats well and works out almost daily to set a physical example for the young scouts in his charge. He sees them staring at him out of the corner of his eye, the same sort of look he used to give his leaders when he was a young scout. He’s not the tallest man, but he’s a broad stack of solid muscle with wide, baby-blue eyes and an enviable bubble butt. He’s flattered by their attention, but his priority is the successful rearing of responsible, loyal leaders of the future. And if there’s time for play when the work is done, well… He knows how to play hard too.

Played by Rick Fantana
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