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Scout Richie

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I’ve been an Elite Scout for some time now. I’m very committed and proud of the medals and badges I’ve earned. Being a scout... [read more]

My dad has been so good to me. I couldn’t be luckier having him as both the head of my troop and my father. The other scouts... [read more]


Scoutmaster Wolf has fond memories of scouting, and he takes great pleasure in seeing the faces of the young men he's handling at the ranch as they discover the same joys with him. His ability to help them accomplish what at first seems impossible to their wide eyes is well-known and widely respected within The Order of Elite Scouts both leaders and boys alike. And to be sure, he's proud of his ability to induct these boys into The Order after they have taken the oath and made their pledge.

Played by Legrand Wolf

It could be very difficult growing up with a scoutmaster for a father. A man with a devotion to scouting and high expectations for the boys he mentors could easily expect too much from his own son. While Scoutmaster Wolf does have high hopes for his son, Richie, he also knows that well behaved boys need more encouragement than criticism.

That goes double for the son of a Scoutmaster, who is already getting a hard time from the other boys in the troup. Richie is thriving under his father’s firm but gentle guidance and he’s confident enough not to let the other scouts' occasional ribbing get to him.

Richie has heard whispers that some of the other scouts have special relationships with some of the scoutmasters, and Scoutmaster Wolf has certainly had some encounters with other scouts. Neither one ever really considered something like that happening between the two of them until, one stormy night in their tent...

Played by Richie West
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