Jack Bailey

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From the outside, Jack’s household seems perfectly ordinary. Close-knit, loving family with a handsome, all-star athlete boy.... [read more]

Dolf looks like a badass, but he’s really a big softy at heart. He’s got the energy of a supportive big brother that motivates... [read more]

Jack Bailey

Jack Bailey’s boyish looks accompanied by his devilish smile can make anyone nervous when they’re out on the field against him. We scouted him at a nearby community center playing on a low stakes after-school team. Our coaches saw his potential instantly, and the rest is history.

His expertise has only increased with time and now that we offer extended personal training sessions with our coaches, he’s eager to put in the work! His youthful energy and easily-aroused cock is the perfect combo for our coaches to work with. Now we just need to make sure our coaches are prepared to handle his considerable talent during their personal training sessions!

Played by Jack Bailey
Coach Charger

Coach Charger used to be a city slicker. He took early retirement and moved out to the country after the fast-paced life-style wrecked his marriage and he was forced to reappraise his life. This bear-like, seriously sexy, silver fox now works as a part-time sports coach and really enjoys inspiring the young men on his team. His charm, natural authority and big dick make him a natural top, but every so often, an assertive twink can turn everything on its head.

Played by Lance Charger

Trainer Dietrich is tall, tan, tatted, and toned. He's got a beautiful body that drives his clients wild! He insists he's just trying to stay in shape, but deep down he loves the attention he gets. Whenever he's helping someone in the gym, he's always aware when they can see his overflowing jock up the wide legs of his shorts; giving anyone who peeks a glimpse of his smooth, round ass and big bulge.

He loves fucking and breeding other muscular daddies, throwing around his size and strength in a playful show of dominance... But as much as he loves being on top, he also loves when a young, lean bottom finds their own strength inside his tight hole. He believes deeply in bringing out the best of those he's with and seeing them reach new heights. Nothing is hotter than seeing a young, smaller guy feel like a titan as he cums inside his ass!

Played by Dolf Dietrich
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