April 27, 2023 | Full Length Video : 18min 52sec

In a swanky Parisian sauna, resident masseur Greg Century is putting sexy Bastian Lutty through his paces on a massage table. Both men are naked and both are blessed with beautiful buff bodies. As Greg works his hands over Bastian’s toned, athletic frame, what starts as an innocent massage inevitably develops into something worth far more money than what they paid to get in!

Bastian makes the first move. He snakes down between Greg’s legs and sucks his enormous dick. Greg responds by shoving his hand aggressively onto the back of his client’s head and pushing himself deep into the recesses of the tight, yet accommodating throat. Greg is soon hard as a rock, thrusting relentlessly into Bastian’s hungry mouth.

Greg knows what ...[Read more]

Greg knows what he wants. He licks his finger and sticks it deep inside Bastian’s hole, crudely preparing his new sub for 9-inches of prime meat. The masseur casually slips a condom onto his long, fat dick, before sliding it into Bastian. Within seconds he’s pummeling his client with brutal force, ramming repeatedly in and out of Bastian’s tight ass.

Bastian grunts and yells—a mixture of pure pleasure and complete surprise—unable to fully comprehend the raw power of the fucking he’s receiveing. He shakes uncontrollably as Greg’s heavy balls slam and slap against his ass cheeks.

Bastian can’t hold it in for any longer and shoots his thick load all over the massage table, just as Greg pulls out and explodes onto Bastian’s beautifully-tattooed back. Bastian may not have had the full massage he paid for, but he’ll certainly leave the sauna feeling relaxed!

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