August 10, 2023 | Full Length Video : 22min 26sec

Continuing Edwards James' intimate, casual setups with models, Blaine Porter and Per Fection meet on the famed producer's casting couch to shoot the shit. Per Fection's a little shy at first, but it only takes a few minutes of Blaine Porter's charms—and a view of his long, thick cock—to get the model's juices flowing. The bottom's mouth waters at the sight of Blaine's fat fuckstick and he can't help but drop to his knees and take that massive tool deep down his throat.

It's a fucking behemoth. A thick, veiny beast that looks like it was ripped straight from fantasy. It's so long, too, the head hits the back of Per Fection's throat each time he goes down. Blaine might be gentle, but there's no gentle way around his massive tool.

Blaine isn't just ...[Read more]

Blaine isn't just content with getting his cock sucked, though. He likes to give and receive, and he's happy to give Per Fection some sloppy head. He leans over the couch and sucks Per Fection's perfect dick while his new fuck buddy turns his hat backwards and strokes him off.

Blaine and Per Fection twist and tangle with each other, until the two end up 69-ing, dueling each other's tongues with their cocks. Per Fection thrust his hips downwards into Blaine's face while Blaine lay underneath, swallowing and worshiping in the shadows of his partner's groin. Blaine's a little more experienced, though, and he takes charge, grabbing Per Fection's ass and pulling his dick deeper down his throat. He sucks him off, deep and wet, until Per Fection can barely stand it.

As much as they both could and would shoot into each other's mouths, though, neither of them would be happy if they didn't get go at it raw. Blaine's seen how well Per Fection's mouth works at wrapping around his BBC, so he takes the bottom star and sets him in his lap, slowly drilling his nearly nine-inch monster into the tatted up bottom's ass. Per Fection rides up and down, bouncing in Blaine's lap, and after he begs for Blaine to fuck him on his back, they both knew it wouldn't be long until they both shot thick loads worthy of the camera of Edward James!

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