July 28, 2022 | Full Length Video : 24min 16sec

All Sam Unasti expected was to help give a massage and walk out with some quick cash. The tall man with sexy dreadlocks changed from his street clothes into a pair of black shorts and entered the massage room. King Assassin was already on the table and Blaisen Shon had started the massage.

Assassin’s skin shimmered from the thin layer of oil already on his smooth skin. Sam joined in, rubbing the sexy man’s muscles and relieving tension when Blaisen noticed something interesting. When King Assassin turned over onto his back, it became very obvious that the massage had gotten the attention of his big black cock!

Blaisen has been ...[Read more]

Blaisen has been here before, and continually grazed Assassin’s dick while massaging his thighs. Getting bolder, Blaisen pulled the dick out of the leghole of the shorts and started sucking. Sam couldn’t believe his eyes! He wasn’t expecting this to be THAT kind of massage!

King Assassin was thoroughly enjoying getting his BBC sucked, but he wanted more. He started tugging at Sam’s shorts. Sam’s dick was hardening, too, and King wanted it down his throat! Sam hesitated for a brief second; this was more than he bargained for. Still, the cash was good, and hey! Free blowjob! He dropped his shorts and stuck the tip of his dick in King’s mouth. Damn that felt good to him!

Blaisen got King good and hard for a reason. He climbed up on the table, straddling King’s cock. He gently pushed it inside, relishing every inch as it slid into his horny hole! Muffled moans come from King’s mouth - after all, he’s still got Sam’s big dick in his mouth!

Blaisen couldn’t take his eyes off of Sam’s cock. He wanted it inside him! He moved off of King and readied himself for Sam. King opened Blaisen up nicely and Sam’s hard dick started pounding Blaisen’s bubble ass! King remained on the table, making it Blaisen's turn to get spit-roasted. Sam couldn’t get enough of that hole; it swallowed his long dick so nicely!

The intensity in the room as these beautiful black men fuck was electric! Sam increased the pace, which got Blaisen sucking King even deeper. Moans filled the room with every pump! Blaisen tightened up on Sam’s monster cock and sent him over the edge! Ropes of hot cum fired all over Blaisen’s chest, dick and ball-sack. This may not have been what Sam was expecting, but he’s leaving glad it happened!

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