May 05, 2022 | Full Length Video : 18min 55sec

Chy The Freak spells his name that way for a reason. Chy’s not shy at all, especially when a sexy hung stud with a big black cock is in the room.

Mack Daddy’s huge dong is aching for release, so when Chy goes down on that big black cock Mack knows he’s in for a good time. Chy’s masterful at swallowing that monster whole and Mack’s moans fill the room.

Chy’s mouth is ...[Read more]

Chy’s mouth is awesome but his mouth isn’t the intended target for Mack’s BBC. Mack wants to fill that ass so he swings Chy around so he can get that hole good and wet. Chy’s eyes roll back into his head! He’s getting so much pleasure from this deep intense rimming!

Chy’s fully lubed now and Mack Daddy is so hard that he can push into that hungry hole with no hands! This hot pounding has Chy screaming in ecstasy and begging for more! Mack’s got skills, so these target into a breeding rhythm that can only end one way!