March 24, 2022 | Full Length Video : 22min 50sec

Chy gets right down on Phoenix’s shaft. The studio is closed for the day and these two kings have a desperate need to bust out a load. Neither of them has cum and there’s no better place to fuck than a porn set!

Phoenix watches as Chy gags and chokes on his member, getting it harder every time it tickles the cocksucker’s tonsils. Phoenix isn’t selfish, though. As soon as he’s got a good polish on his pipe, he gets down and starts slurping on Chy’s cock in return.

While he’s going ...[Read more]

While he’s going Chy on his back, Phoenix lifts his legs and starts rimming his hole, tasting the handsome man’s ass and getting it ready for the fuck of its life!

Phoenix turns Chy around, putting him on all fours on the leather ottoman and slides his monster cock deep inside. Chy grips onto the furniture as Phoenix buries himself deep.

Phoenix’s cock is no easy ride. It’s 9+ inches of thick, hard dick that keeps Chy stretched open and full. Even when Chy gets on top to ride it, he can’t help but curse out as he moans in disbelief of its size. Chy feels every inch and thrust deep in his gut, feeling Phoenix load him up again and again this hot, intense session!

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