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Damian Hight and Magnum XXL

November 30, 2023 | Full Length Video : 17min 51sec

Magnum XXL is a tall, stocky, angry-looking guy wearing a harness and a jock. He enters a room lined with curtains, plainly in the mood for sex. He rubs himself: he enjoys the sensation of running his giant hands over his big, hairy body.

But there is something he loves more, and it arrives: a dick appears through one of the curtains. Magnum is quick to fall to his knees and service it with his throat. The mysterious dick swells to twice its size as its owner thrusts himself into the large sub’s eager mouth.

The curtains ...More

The curtains are finally flung open and we discover a smooth man with a shaved head, sunglasses and heavily-tattooed arms. He’s Damian Hight, and he grabs the back of Magnum’s head and aggressively thrusts his dick down his new lover’s throat. The two men grunt and groan, lost in the swirl of wordless face-fucking.

Magnum climbs onto the bench behind the curtain and presents his chunky, muscular ass. Damian is quick to get his drooling tongue and probing fingers inside it. It’s been a while since he’s seen something so inviting.

Magnum is soon on his back with Damian between his legs, slamming his dick with great force into Magnum’s beautiful ass. Damian certainly knows how to bang with relentless speed and energy—this man has stamina to die for.

He pulls out and explodes all over Magnum’s belly and chest. One shot of semen makes it all the way up to the sub guy’s neck!

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