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June 30, 2022 | Full Length Video : 19min 58sec

It’s just a photo shoot, no big deal right? But when Fantom is almost an hour late for the session, Romance decides that he’s going to get more than shirtless pics from this tall, blond, black man with tight-cropped curls.

After a ...

After a few starter snapshots, Romance says he’s dropping his shorts and Fantom should do the same. Not just that, Romance demands Fantom start sucking his huge cock! Fantom shows a tiny bit of hesitancy, but once he sees Romance’s hot BBC, he drops his clothes and gets down to business!

Romance’s cock is long and curvy; perfect for a throat like Fantom’s. He wraps his lips around the huge shaft and bobs up and down on the head. Romance wants to face-fuck and what Romance’s BBC wants, his BBC gets. Fantom’ opens his throat and Romance pumps long and deep. So hot, so primal, so sexy!

Fantom wants that cock in his ass bad, and not just in one position! With Romance’s long-dong tickling inside, Fantom molds himself through perfect positions until Romance pounds the P-spot with every push. Fantom moans loudly; the sensations rippling through his body from the ass-fucking and his own stroking are getting him close to the edge.

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