November 16, 2023 | Full Length Video : 13min 46sec

Marcus Cooper has been to this massage parlor before. He’s no stranger to the process of getting naked and waiting for the masseur to enter the room. He enjoyed the relaxation of his previous massage so much that he’s found himself looking for any free time he might have to fit another appointment into his work week.

His masseur is the nervous newbie Debonair. He begins the session by introducing himself, stepping towards where the oils are so he could fill his hands with the warm liquid. Marcus opens up, maintaining a very relaxed demeanor as Debonair’s timid hands start to spread the oil. He hears the massage therapist admit that he has never even received a massage himself from this establishment, so he wasn’t entirely sure of the expectation.

Marcus’ previous session ...[Read more]

Marcus’ previous session had been “full-service” and he’s expecting to receive that same level of treatment again. After requesting that his masseur focus more closely on his shoulder blades, normally strong-and-silent Marcus can’t hold back his irritation. He jokingly lets Debonair know that he isn’t the greatest with his hands. The masseur boy is a bit surprised to hear this, but before he has time to properly respond, Marcus offers to ‘turn the tables.’ Debonair can’t believe what Marcus has in store for him!

Marcus slurps his masseur’s chocolate member as he strokes his own, enjoying the taste of it so much he even goes a step further and bathes Debonair’s full sack with his tongue. Marcus grabs Debonair by the ankles and pushes his legs above his head, allowing Marcus to line up his now rock-hard shaft with the tatted boy’s wet hole.

The masseur starts to relax as he gets worked over by the dominant top, forcing moans to escape from him as he focuses on keeping his hole loose. The longer he feels Marcus’ cock invade his insides, Debonair can’t stop himself from getting verbal as he enjoys being shown a thing or two from his client, letting out oohs and ahhs every few thrusts. His hands hover over the top’s meaty ass as Debonair accepts every inch of that big dick.

Being in full control, Marcus puts each of his hands on either side of Debonair’s skull, pulling the bottom’s forehead towards his own. The two lock eyes as they silently acknowledge the pleasure both of them are experiencing. Debonair’s moans crescendo to match the wild way Marcus is pounding his hole.

Soon the two can feel that stirring in their loins, the kind that tells you you are close to getting sweet release. Marcus assumes the same horizontal position on the chaise lounge as he has his naive masseur get a happy ending he won’t soon forget!

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