March 09, 2023 | Full Length Video : 16min 42sec

They call him Debonair because he’s as sleek and smooth as they come. This beautiful bottom’s tight lithe body glistens with sweat as he works the long cock of Phoenix, a dark, handsome, tattooed top eager to make use of the bleached blonde's slobbering mouth.

Debonair pounds Phoenix's face relentlessly while Phoenix drools and moans, trying to suck the top’s dick dry. But there are so many ways for Phoenix to express his appreciation for his new toy; one of which is to throw him across his leather couch and return the favor of oral worship. Phoenix eats out of Debonair’s bouncing bubble butt, then spends some time fucking the well-licked hole.

And another, still, ...[Read more]

And another, still, is to share his new toy with his friends. Phoenix isn't the only man around with his eyes on Debonair; horny, hung stud Tru arrives, and what follows is one of the hottest spit roastings caught by the Edward James camera. Tru turns his cap around and spanks Debonair, while Phoenix just holds the whining bottom, tweaking his nipples and serving as a sort of support while he waits his turn.

These two take it slow with slutty Debonair's bubble butt, trading him back and forth, spanking him, and fucking each end of his body. When the tops decide its time to finish up in Debonair, even that's done in style—after Phoenix makes Debonair bounce up and down on his cock, he dumps a load in the horny bottom, only to flip him over and suck on his nipples while True fucks him. Debonair gets to live one of the hottest fantasies a bottom can get; a total worshiping and dicking down from two beautiful, hung black studs that are wildly into every inch of him. Everyone gets to shoot when Debonair's in the room.

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