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March 07, 2024 | Full Length Video : 19min 27sec

Desire Dange creeps up the stairs of a house on the outskirts of Northern France. His super sexy friend, Kamel, has been working nights and is asleep in his bedroom. Desire pulls back the duvet, exposing his handsome friend’s smooth and well-defined naked body. Kamel may still be asleep, but he’s rock-hard. He wakes up, unsurprised, and plainly rather pleased to see Desire in his room.

Desire immediately ...

Desire immediately gets his soft lips wrapped around Kamel’s eight-incher and sucks it deep and hard like a true professional. Kamel lies back in his bed, a smile of deep satisfaction forming on his face, his dark, smoldering eyes gleaming with lust as he fondles and casually fingers his kinky friend’s tight ass.

With Desire onto all fours, Kamel immediately shoves his solid dick hard into his fuckbuddy’s ass. Kamel is banging fast within seconds, relentlessly and brutally ramming himself in and out of Desire’s ass. The bed squeaks noisily in time with Kamel’s barbaric thrusts. His balls slap loudly against Desire’s well-sculpted ass as his thick dick squelches deep in his stomach.

Kamel pulls out and the two men throw themselves onto the bed, jerking furiously. Kamel is the first to cum, and he does so messily. Desire follows suit immediately, allowing the semen to drip slowly and seductively down his hand and onto the bed sheets.

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