November 23, 2023 | Full Length Video : 19min 42sec

Desire Dange is feeling super horny. He’s in the dark basement of a sex club, the euphoric Euro beats are thumping, and he’s in the mood for something entirely anonymous. He gets on all-fours on a padded bench, enticingly arches his back like a slut, and crudely thrusts his well-lubed ass in the air, waiting patiently for whoever fancies a ride.

Emo dude Stef Killer accepts Desire’s offer with great pleasure. He’s not been in the club long and he’s had an incredibly stressful day, so he just wants to let off some steam. He walks up to Desire and thrusts his super-sized dick hard and deep into sub’s accommodating mouth.

Stef spits into ...[Read more]

Stef spits into Desire’s tight hole, leaving him in no doubt about the direction he’s expecting the encounter to head in. He stands behind Desire and lines his huge ten-inch meat up with the cute bottom boy’s hole, teasing him mercilessly by frotting his dick underneath the straps of Desire’s tight jockstrap.

A few more rounds of saliva and they’re good to go. Stef pushing his meat deep into Desire’s guts brings a wince, but within seconds they’re going full tilt. It’s a frenzy of fast and furious fucking. Stef drags Desire around on the bench like a rag doll in an attempt to find the most satisfying position, then ruts his new boy toy with speed and dexterity.

Desire is soon crawling across the floor, gasping in disbelief while Stef continues to pound him with dark, vicious, seemingly insatiable sexual energy. Stef eventually pulls out and jerks himself over Desire’s face before cumming on his chin, neck and lips.

Stef jumps up and exits the space, leaving a sexually-fulfilled Desire to finish himself off, which he does with spectacular results!

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