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February 15, 2024 | Full Length Video : 19min 13sec

Tibo sits in an apartment on the outskirts of Paris. He’s feeling sleazy. He’s been hard all day. He’s joined on the couch by his roommate, Dog. Tibo’s been into Dog ever since he moved in and saw him parading around the apartment in his endless supply of shiny, somewhat revealing tracksuits. Dog is well up for it with Tibo as well and has decided that tonight’s the night to move things to the next level.

Dog encourages ...

Dog encourages Tibo to stand up and show off what’s hiding inside his jeans. As soon as Tibo pulls his dick out, Dog goes down on it, sucking it with almost frantic eagerness. He gives great head.

Now rock hard, Tibo pushes Dog onto the couch and starts aggressively ramming his nine-inch dick deep into his roomie’s tight throat. These maniacs are soon snorting each other's sneakers, taking great sniffs of the sweaty stench from within while stroking like craven addicts.

Tibo pulls Dog to his knees and throws him over the back of the couch, ramming his tongue into his friend’s twitching hole. Within seconds, Tibo has pushed his big fat dick inside Dog and is banging him hard, fast, and without mercy, staring down at the giant tattoo on the bottom boy’s lower back. Dog brings Tibo’s sneaker back up to his mouth and drinks in the warm, heady aroma.

Tibo pulls out and squats over Dog, jerking his dick right up against his roommate’s handsome face until Tibo’s heavy, creamy load has exploded all over Dog’s chest and neck. Dog immediately starts to wank himself off and cums hard all over his stomach. His entire hot torso is now coated in thick, sleazy jizz.

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