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Dreezy Long & Kaotic Black

December 01, 2022 | Full Length Video : 17min 24sec

Dreezy just finished a game of billiards and needs to kick back and relax. Kaotic shows up (late, but better than never) to service his hung black king and worship his cock. Kaotic gets down on his knees and takes Dreezy into his mouth, lapping the underside of his shaft with his tongue as he makes his way closer to the balls.

Dreezy rocks his hips back and forth, fucking Kaotic’s mouth and making him slobber thick saliva down his chin and all over his meat. Dreezy gives his cocksucker a break to lick his big, juicy ass, getting it wet and ready for a thorough deep dicking.

Kaotic arches ...More

Kaotic arches his back and gives in to Dreezy’s bare cock, feeling it move freely inside him as the selfish top gets what’s his!

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