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June 15, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 43sec

Word gets around fast. Ever since he fooled around with Phoenix in the showers, tall, handsome twink Sleepy Reed has been getting a lot of compliments from the men at the gym. It’s like they all know what his flexible body and beautiful lips are capable of.

If he ...

If he had any doubt that was the case, it left his mind when Dreezy sat down next to them. While both men peddled on their exercise bikes, Dreezy started up some small talk, the kind of which swirls between compliment and flirting.

When Sleepy Reed moved to practice against the punching bag, Dreezy Long followed him. They circled the bag, working themselves up on either side, until Dreezy finally had enough. He shoved Sleepy Reed into the wall, and pressed his sweaty body against him. Sleepy Reed didn't fight—there was even a growing smile on his face.

"Suck my dick," Dreezy growled.

Sleepy Reed let out a low, beautiful laugh. Dreezy must've heard about his talents. Well, Sleepy Reed was more than happy to share. He reached out and grabbed Dreezy's cock. It was already hard; Dreezy must've been waiting for this all day. He moaned softly as Sleepy Reed stroked it, running his thumb over the tip, teasing it with his hungry lips.

As he melted under the pleasure of Sleepy Reed's tongue, it became clear to Dreezy that not only were the rumors true, but that Sleepy Reed loved doing this. The man was as good as they said he was. He teased and tantalized, holding back just enough to make Dreezy think that he would leave him like this, just until Dreezy could think of nothing but getting inside him.

Dreezy pulled Sleepy Reed up and turned him to face the wall. He rubbed his long, aching manhood along Sleepy Reed's tight ass, then pushed himself forward. As soon as Sleepy Reed felt the head of his cock press against his hole, his breath ran ragged, and he sang high notes of pleasure.

Sleepy Reed was too far gone to respond. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he cried out, pushing back against Dreezy's thick shaft. They twisted with each other, consumed by their sex drive, flip-flopping between top and bottom. Every surface of the gym was a place to fuck, to suck, to rim. Sleepy Reed felt Dreezy's weight against him, pressing down on his ass, his hands reaching out to hold Dreezy's sweaty body against him.

What Dreezy didn't expect was to fall so completely for Sleepy Reed. Dreezy, normally a top, found himself taking Sleepy's cock, sucking on it, happily accepting the rain of semen blasting over his face. Sleepy Reed left Dreezy delirious, panting, and wanting more. And this was how rumors spread—about how good Sleepy Reed is, and how you should find him at the gym...

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