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April 06, 2023 | Full Length Video : 20min 30sec

Masculine hunk Enzo has always had a thing for his young work colleague, Eddy. Enzo’s used to getting exactly what he wants in life, but even he is surprised by how quickly he manages to convince the shy, cute boy to meet him in the dark basement of their offices. That innocent twink may not be so innocent after all!

Enzo discovers ...

Enzo discovers Eddy on all fours, naked but for a tight-fitting jock. His peachy ass twitched, obviously open for business. Enzo is very clear about the role he expects Eddy to play in the encounter; he uncompromisingly thrusts his large, swelling dick deep into the nervous-yet-compliant boy’s mouth.

Eddy sucks well, but greedy Enzo wants more. He stands behind his subordinate, spits on his ass, and feeds his pole deep into Eddy’s hungry hole. Eddy takes Enzo’s dick like a good boy, groaning quietly in a state of deep pleasure as he’s relentlessly rutted and reamed with increasing power and speed.

The two bounce in hardcore unison. Eddy drops to his knees and Enzo squats over him, pounding him doggy-style. He covers the boy’s slender neck with wet, wonton kisses, and leaves Eddy gasping, begging.

Enzo pulls out, stands, and jerks his big dick toward Eddy’s cute face. A torrent of thick spunk explodes from its head and rolls down Eddy’s smooth torso. The boy follows suit, jerking his own aching dick. He stands up as arcs of semen fly from his thick cock onto Enzo’s well-defined back. Clearly, these two had needed each other for a while!

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