June 01, 2023 | Full Length Video : 19min 53sec

Hung Arab boy Kamzouz is heading into a Parisian sex club, but is so aroused that he pauses halfway down the stairs. He can’t even make it into the doors before he pulls his massive, uncut dick out from his track pants. He pleasures himself with smooth strokes, as if no one’s watching.

There must be something in the air. During this spectacle, he’s soon joined by naughty boy Eddy, who drops to his knees and gets his hungry mouth wrapped around Kamzouz’ tremendous tool. Eddy sucks hard and deep, slurping and choking on the object of his desire.

Both men are ...[Read more]

Both men are soon engulfed by carnal lust. They don’t give a shit about getting filthy in public. The blood pounds around Kamzouz’ body, beating in time to the thud of techno music drifting up from the poppers-stenching club below.

After a good ten minutes of top-notch cock sucking, Kamzouz, over-stimulated, stands Eddy up, pushes him against the stair rail and thrusts his giant dick deep into the sub-boy's sweaty, sloppy hole. He wastes no time, banging from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds, his massive meat repeatedly bashing against Eddy’s inner sphincter with eye-watering force. Eddy takes it like a man, gritting his teeth while Kamzouz does his worst to the boy’s hole.

When he reaches his limit, Kamzouz pulls out and sprays a water cannon of spunk all over the floor, followed, within seconds, by Eddy, whose high-octane explosion of cum is somehow makes an even worse mess. Was it just that these were men in heat? Was there something in the air around this club that caused this? Or is any man that walks over here just instantly overtaken by lust? Whatever it is, Kamzouz and Eddy will both be back again.

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