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Special Sales Carnal+
Special Sales Carnal+

Fabien and Jordan

August 03, 2023 | Full Length Video : 21min 13sec

Fabien Le Footeux has arrived at Jordan Kiffeur’s apartment with just one thing on his mind. He wants to worship Jordan… and Jordan’s sneakers! The feeling is mutual—Jordan’s a bit of a freak for any sports gear—and the two men are making out frantically before Fabien has even stepped inside the door.

Fabien rushes into the living room and throws himself down on the couch, spreading his legs and pulling his rock-hard dick out of his pants. Jordan, who’s now sporting an erection of epic proportions, stands above Fabien and pushes his meat deep into the young man’s salivating mouth. Fabien can’t get enough of Jordan’s dick; he’d suck it all night if he could.

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A single sweaty sneaker soon sneaks its way into the sleazy scene. Fabien licks and sniffs the shoe, thrusting Jordan’s impressive cock into the shoelaces to simultaneously satisfy both of his cravings! He soon switches his attention to Jordan’s smelly socks, which he inhales lustfully.

Jordan pushes Fabien over the couch and groans deeply as he thrusts his dick into the submissive sneaker slut’s tight ass. A change of position finds Fabien lowering himself down onto Jordan’s pole, keenly sniffing his smelly footwear like a sleaze addict as he’s pounded relentlessly.

Jordan pulls out and the two men jerk themselves, super-charged with violent energy from their sports gear play. Fabien is first to blow—his immense dick spews copious strings of semen all over Jordan’s shirt. Jordan swiftly follows suit, blasting shed loads of spunk into the puddle left by his buddy.

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