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February 29, 2024 | Full Length Video : 21min 22sec

Fabien knows he’s a good looking guy. But he’s a vain bastard, and spends tons of time in front of the bathroom mirror, applying every male-grooming product he can get his grubby hands on. His roommate Tim gets irritated at the spectacle, particularly when it prevents him from using the bathroom himself. It’s time to teach the prima donna a lesson he won’t forget…

Tim creeps ...

Tim creeps up on Fabien one night and cheekily rips down his sweatpants. Fabien likes to go commando, so his tight, enticing ass is immediately on display. Instead of being annoyed by the prank, Fabien instantly feels a rush of sexual energy. He’s always been into his roommate and there’s no time like the present…

Fabien falls to the ground and pulls Tim’s big fat dick out of his pants, slurping on it until it’s rock-hard, soaking wet, and throbbing with expectation. The two men are soon kissing hungrily. They want each other badly. To satisfy their foot fetishes they are soon swapping sneakers, sniffing great gulps of the intoxicating, sweaty stench, getting high on the intense rubbery aroma.

They eventually find themselves on the floor of the bathroom, sixty-nining, rustling and glinting in the light as they thrust against each other.

Both men stand and Tim thrusts Fabien against the mirror before shoving his dick deep inside the bottom boy’s tight ass, Tim using his immensely powerful hips and thighs to penetrate hard and fast. Sweat starts pouring off both men as the encounter intensifies and the sap starts to rise.

Tim pulls out just in time, squirting an impressive load over Fabien’s sneaker. Fabien rapidly returns the compliment with a lengthy, messy and plainly super-intense orgasm.

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