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Special Sales Carnal+
August 25, 2022 | Full Length Video : 22min 3sec

What a special treat Stany has in store for him when he arrives home. His friends all gathered to celebrate his birthday, and they didn’t come empty handed! Upon arrival, he is greeted by his buddies, cheering and singing, only for them to reveal a special gift: sexy, Francisco! Francisco is exactly what Stany likes, and his friends are kind enough to arrange a special playdate for him and the smooth, dark-skinned twink.

Decked out ...

Decked out in merely a skimpy jockstrap, Francisco wastes no time in letting Stany know that he wants to get him alone and have all the fun they can handle! As Stany leads Francisco down the hall and into their own private room, he can’t help but reach out and feel his exotic friend’s bubble butt. Francisco is delighted and wants more!

Both sexy boys are feeling very frisky and begin to playfully kiss and lick at one another’s face, mouth, and neck. Francisco then boldly pulls Stany’s beautiful cock out of his pants and begins to eagerly swallow every savory inch into his mouth. If it wasn’t hot before, it’s damn near sweltering now, and Stany has no choice but to loosen the buttons of his shirt and quickly remove his tie!

Francisco is clearly having a great time with his French stallion’s juicy meat, but Stany is still in the mood for play. He teases the boy beauty, allowing his cock to pulsate and bob in and out of his mouth. Francisco is a great sport and loves this game, so he plays along with Stany’s maneuverings with great delight. However, Francisco really wants to show Stany what he can do with his mouth, lips and tongue!

Stany can only sigh, moan, and smile as his playmate intently devours his cock. A thick sheen of perspiration has formed on Stany’s brow. The heat has almost become too much to bear! He quickly removes his pants and really focuses on Francisco’s expertly eager fellatio. Inspired and turned on, Stany leans down, kisses the boy, and begins to nibble along his neck, driving him even crazier with lust!

Soon, Francisco finds himself instructed to lie back on the bed– and keep his mouth ready for anything while Stany allows the moment to ruminate– the anticipation driving Francisco to uncontrollably salivate and beg for more! Of which Stany is happy to comply– comply with playfully relentlessly teasing Francisco– pushing his cock in and then quickly pulling out of the boy’s succulent mouth.

Francisco’s eyes widen as Stany finally begins to undo all of the buttons of his shirt, revealing a god-like physique. He kneels over the boy and rubs his meat enticingly all over Francisco’s lips. The flavor of Stany’s musky, sweaty nutsack causes Francisco’s boy meat to pulsate against his jockstrap. And moments later, Stany’s desire accelerates to another level and he begins facefucking his tender lover with a passion!

Stany’s excitement can now hardly be contained. His desire to pummel Francisco’s ass needs to happen soon or else the French demigod might blow his load. Right away, the young bottom understands his lover’s erotic predicament and quickly flips himself around onto his stomach. He then literally begs Stany to enter him and give it all he’s got! To which Stany responds immediately by sinking his engorged cock swiftly and deeply into the boy.

Francisco’s moans and cries of ecstasy earn him a really good pounding. Stany is in pure heaven, the sex feels so incredible to them both. Stany nibbles on Francisco’s sensitive ears, causing him to feel his own impending need to cum to arise.

The heat of the moment has overcome the young lovers as Stany pulls out of Francisco’s well fucked bottom and begins frantically stroking his throbbing meat. Francisco’s cock is finally released from the confines of his jockstrap and he wastes no time matching Stany’s sweat-soaked intensity. Soon, both sexy dudes are shooting their creamy loads. Now satisfied, Stany and Francisco have little doubt as to why they are one another's favorite playmates!

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