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Special Sales Carnal+
May 12, 2022 | Full Length Video : 18min 30sec

You always know you’re onto a winner when Euro hunk, Greg Centuri, walks into a shot. This dark, brooding, tall guy has a sexy air of arrogance and dick to die for!

Greg finds ...

Greg finds tattooed, scally-lad, Jonathan Darko, sleeping on a couch and wakes him up by pushing his giant meat against his lips. Obedient Jonathan immediately sets about sucking Greg into a state of pure arousal.

Greg rocks and pivots his groin as he thrusts his solid dick in and out of Jonathan’s keen, wet mouth. Jonathan clearly gives great head. Greg grins sleazily and throws his head back in pure ecstasy, savoring every moment of the sensual, slippery, salivary experience.

Jonathan eventually stands up, leans against the kitchen counter and presents his ass to Greg. His peach-like buttcheeks are framed perfectly by a pair of tight boxers with the ass cut out. Greg squats slightly to get the right angle and pushes his dick slowly into the bottom boy. Shocked by the sheer size and girth of Greg’s weapon, Jonathan winces and attempts to regulate his breathing.

Greg doesn’t give him long to acclimate and is soon pumping his huge meat, hard and fast, in and out of Jonathan’s tight, twitching hole. Jonathan tries to stay calm, but knows his ass is being torn apart by the horny, hung top man, who seems to be taking great delight in carrying out his devious destructive mission!

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