March 31, 2022 | Full Length Video : 21min 28sec

Two sexy French guys in shiny sports gear make out on a couch, clothes rustling seductively as they kiss. Ptit is skinny with cropped hair, stubble, and dark, brooding features. He runs his hands over the large bulge in Greg’s pants. Tanned, tall Greg sits confidently, legs spread, almost obscenely widely, enjoying the attention.

Ptit is a true sub with an insuppressible foot fetish. He licks, sniffs, and kisses Greg’s sneaker with great reverence before carefully removing it to work on Greg’s feet. He passionately sucks each of his master’s toes in turn.

He returns his ...[Read more]

He returns his attention to Greg’s dick, sucking it hungrily through the fabric of his joggers before pushing them down and allowing his mouth to glide up and down its giant shaft. Greg’s meat is soon wrapped tightly in one of his socks, the damp, musty smell is deeply intoxicating.

Ptit stands, and Greg gently services the sub’s upward-curving dick as he holds a sneaker to his nose and takes giant, sleazy sniffs, now utterly addicted to its dark, highly-arousing aroma.

Greg pushes Ptit onto his back and gets his slippery tongue dancing over the sub boy’s expectant hole. Moments later, Ptit is bent double, face pressed firmly into a sneaker, while Greg pushes his thick, long, concrete dick deep into his body. Greg is a master when it comes to penetration. He bangs hard and fast with an almost bewildering energy and stamina.

Greg pulls out and sits on the couch again, jerking himself while running his feet over Ptit’s sexy bubble butt. Ptit is the first to shoot, unsurprisingly into the sneaker of desire. Greg angles his body so that he can add an extra coating of sticky jizz to the cum-soaked footwear, before both men throw themselves back onto the couch, utterly spent.

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