November 23, 2022 | Full Length Video : 21min 58sec

After arriving home from a tense day at the office, hunky stud Greg Century needs to unwind and take his mind off of work. He eventually decides to arrange a hookup with hot fuck buddy Jimmy Fix. And it doesn’t take long for his date to arrive, horny and ready to go!

They hurry excitedly to the big leather couch where the two steamy studs go right at one another’s lips and tongues. Their moist, juicy kisses really cause the heat between them to rev up! Jimmy needs Greg’s cock in the worst way, so he quickly drops to his knees and barely has time to yank the hardon out of Greg’s pants before swallowing it whole.

Greg can only ...[Read more]

Greg can only roll his head back and moan loudly with pleasure. He closes his eyes and deliciously licks his lips in response to the intense sensations Jimmy’s mouth elicits from him. Jimmy takes his time and savors the feeling and flavor of Greg’s delicious man meat.

Both these hunks are so turned on by one another! They can’t help but go right back to making out and allowing their hands to liberally roam all over each other’s hot bodies. Greg squeezes Jimmy’s cute ass and realizes quickly that what he really wants to make out with is that! Greg really goes to town on that hungry hole, getting it real slick and wet for what is about to cum next!

After a hot session of taking turns slobbering all over each other’s bobbing-hard cocks, the horned-up fuck buddies finally get ready to pound! Instinctively, Jimmy moves into the doggy-style position and yelps with delight when Greg hungrily shoves his entire cock up Jimmy’s ass. The bottom really takes his butt-pounding like a champ. No matter how deep or how hard Greg fucks him, he can take it and take it all night if need be!

Jimmy can’t resist getting Greg to shoot his sweet, massive load all over Jimmy’s sexy, lean body. The intense cum shots from both hotties come with intense amounts of semen- which create a messy flood all over!

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