March 10, 2022 | Full Length Video : 16min 35sec

Two sexy-as-all-hell guys dressed in sports gear make out in the dark, damp basement of an old farmhouse. Greg Centuri is tall, swarthy-skinned and hung like a horse. His partner in crime is shorter and paler but equally hot.

They kiss and grope each other eagerly. Miguel seductively runs the palm of his hand over the ever-growing bulge in Greg’s soft and shiny track pants. But a hand alone isn’t enough. He’s soon on his knees, sucking Greg’s eye-wateringly-large weapon with lustful desperation.

Greg wastes no ...[Read more]

Greg wastes no time at all. When your slut is as keen and as horny as Miguel, well, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. He turns Miguel around and starts to work his new slave’s hungry ass with his tongue, mouth and fingers. Miguel might be a well-practiced bottom boy, but Greg knows he has a monster dick which would rip apart all but the most lubricated of asses!

Greg pushes Miguel against a step ladder and slowly sinks his meat into the bottom boy’s hole. Miguel sighs and moans as his body is engulfed by a rush of unadulterated pleasure. Once inside, Greg goes like a train, lifting one of Miguel’s legs up so he looks like a dog pissing. He then bangs the bitch from behind with intense, fast, deep strokes. Miguel jerks himself hard. The sensation is mind-blowing. Greg is one heck of a talented top!

Greg pulls out and throws Miguel to his knees, jerking his giant dick in the bottom boy’s face. He rapidly squirts his thick juices onto Miguel’s nose and mouth, just as Miguel starts to shoot all over his sneakers.

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