September 08, 2023 | Full Length Video : 19min 34sec

In the cellar of a farmhouse in Normandy, handyman Greg Century is doing some work. We find him, halfway up a ladder, chiseling away at some loose plaster on a wall.

Greg’s work colleague Tim suddenly appears, asking if he can help. The help Greg’s been craving has nothing whatsoever to do with the plastering—his dick has been rock-hard all day.

It’s a badly-kept ...[Read more]

It’s a badly-kept secret that Tim’s really into Greg. Greg knows, Tim knows Greg knows, and their sexual tension has been building for months. Now that fate has brought them together and left them alone in a locked cellar they’re all over each other in seconds. Tim pulls Greg’s dick out of his jeans and sucks it off through the bars of the ladder. This would almost certainly fail a health-and-safety-in-the-workplace test, but these boys are feeling too horny to give a shit.

The encounter quickly turns sleazy. Greg establishes his dominance over the peachy-assed Tim with a tirade of spitting and slapping. He’s soon thrusting the wooden handle of his hammer into Tim’s perky hole.

Penile penetration is inevitable and when it happens, it’s fast and frenzied. Greg pounds Tim’s ass with unbelievable power and vigor. They’re soon both up the ladder again, clinging onto the rungs for dear life as Greg slams his giant dick into Tim with increasing force and speed.

Greg pulls out and stands on the ladder while Tim submissively squats underneath him, waiting, mouth open, for an enormous shower of thick, sticky semen, which he gratefully gets… all over his face.

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